Dawnbird is a worship and arts community based in West Lothian, Scotland.

Our heart is for extended worship and prayer that is Spirit-led, prophetic and free-flowing, for development of the creative arts, and to build community around these activities, expressing church in a way that demonstrates the extravagance of God and helps people to be free.

At its core, Dawnbird is a worship collective - musicians, artists, dancers - who pool their resources, inspire one another, collaborate on projects and events, and teach and train others. Around this, we are developing an open space for people to join us in worship, and link in with our community on different levels. A group of us meets as church on Sundays.

Our wider network connects us with some exciting and pioneering groups including Wellsprings Community, Movement in Worship and Blue Flame plus many other friendships and connections throughout Scotland and internationally.

Dawnbird is led by David & Lyndsay Stewart.

Our regular activities include:

- Wild Goose! - our monthly Friday worship night in West Lothian
- The Next Wave (in partnership with Wellsprings) - 72 hours of worship & creativity, usually three times a year
- Glory in the Cowshed - 72 hours of worship, creativity and summer fun in a barn in the heart of Scotland!
- Worship slots at Edinburgh House of Prayer, certain weekdays
- Involvement in various other extended worship or burn events around the country
- Leading worship, dancing or painting at conferences and in churches
- Spirit-led outreach (in partnership with others)
- Workshops, teaching & training
- Resourcing much of the above with technical support and equipment

See here for dates of upcoming events & activities

For more information about what we're up to, and how to get involved, contact us. We have an email list with updates every week or two. Please indicate if you'd like to be added to this.


This website is under development - eventually we hope to make it much more interesting and arty!